As a result of critical shortage of parking places in cities, the demand extremely grew on mechanical parking systems in the lately years. These systems are very efficient in maximizing places. The popularity is due to the fact that compared to ordinary parking places it assures much more fullness with the same investment and operational expenses. During the functioning time it provides security, so it qualified as monitored system.

Our developing, the RTS mechanical parking system, showed on the Public Transportation World Fair, revolutionized the solutions used before. Nevertheless it took out their disadvantages; the module system reduced the producing costs as well.

The case for Magic Garage addition:

  • maximal (95%) exploitation of place
  • can be installed into any places, also between pillars
  • suited for pre-arrangement, so the unloading time reduces significantly
  • unloading is maximally secured, because the containers are placed in many-ways and the unload can be arranged in two-ways as well
  • simply, reliable and cheap construction